We are building a world of tech savy youths

Inspiring a world where your average youth is equipped with the right skills in Web Development, App Development, UI/UX Design and more

About us

Codeit started as a series of private tutorial classes held in 2020, before the idea was acquired by a group of individuals with a desire to create a future where relevant trainings and skills in tech are easily available to anyone willing to lend their time... at no cost

Our Goal

Tech skills should be easily accessbile to both those who can afford it and those who cannot. With a team of focused and passionate individuals, we intend to push a trend where access to the seemingly hard to get skills are available to a wide range of young people via a variety of trainings and skill acquisition exercises.


We are independently funded by organizations and interest groups who support what we believe and stand for. We are non-profit and would never charge our learners or students for whatever training we offer.

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